Friday, July 24, 2009

Really, Really Serious This Time.

Ok ok ok, I swear on my life and everything I own...I WILL RETURN TO BLOGGING.


Well, because I finally capitulated and bought a laptop cable.


Yes, you may be a little confused. The reason that I have not blogged often in the past 9 months is that I lost my laptop cable and I REFUSED to buy a new one on principle. The new cable was $70--and I wanted to learn my lesson. I lose things too often and then just buy them again. BUT NOT THIS TIME! This time I would learn. No more internet, no more computer--nothing!--because I left my laptop cable in Minnesota.

Well, today that changed. I think 9 months of traveling to the library and perpetual disconnect from Facebook is enough punishment to bring me back to the technology reality. So here I am! Back to blogging. Yay. :-)