Wednesday, April 8, 2009

*Screams at the World*

The Columbus DMV is out of control. Is there a citizen group against them? Seriously. My car was towed yesterday. What did I do? I parked on my street on Monday. There were NO signs saying the street needed to be clear. The entire block was filled. I go to my car on Tuesday--and it's gone. Water pipe repair. How much did it cost me...?


I want to scream. Well, I actually did. I got out of the office and pulled a HULK SMASH kind of scream. I did nothing wrong. I parked on my street where I have lived for two years. I would have seen the signs if they were there because I even checked to make sure my tires were close to the curb. I am a Logistics and Transportation major minoring in City & Regional Planning--I am obsessed with transportation, and I am frickin' paranoid as hell about getting my car towed so I ALWAYS look for these kind of signs.

What's most frustrating is that I biked to my friends house that night. Yes it was cold and I could have driven, but I am one of those crazy liberals who likes to work out and not harm my environment every time I want to move location. Had I driven my car I would not have had this happen because I would have come back and the signs would have been there. (Or the street would have been full and I would have gone somewhere else, or I would have noticed an empty block and thought maybe I shouldn't park here). I feel like I was penalized for 'going green'. I decided to bike and I had to pay $273 for it.

So, what am I supposed to do? Run to my car every 6 hours and make sure there aren't signs posted 4 hours prior til they tow the street? I am so angry. I didn't have this money. I am a student, I pay my own tuition and buy my own textbooks. $273 for NOTHING.

Angry. Angry. ANGRY.

Seriously, anyone know of a citizen group against the DMV? They are completely out of control! A few months ago my sticker fell off my car. I was registered, but my birthday is in December. It's cold in December. The new sticker didn't stay on my plate. I requested a new one, and while waiting for it I could a ticket for $40. I repealed it, and they never got back to me. I got a letter, eventually, saying I now owed $80. I fought and fought and fought, but they said there was nothing they could do. So I paid $80 even though my car was registered, even though I had already informed them of my sticker falling off. WHAT ELSE WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO?!?!? Park my car in a ditch? Hide it in a cave?

About 6 months ago they gave me a ticket for not showing my permit--but it was there. It was hanging in my mirror as it ALWAYS has. I e-mailed them, gave them my permit #, showed them when I bought the permit and when it expired...and they still upheld the ticket! In fact, the $30 doubled while I was waiting to hear back from them! That turned into $60!!!

In ALL three cases I did nothing wrong. I showed my permit yet they missed it (no lie, it was really there, I even took a picture), I was a legal registered driver yet they ticketed me because their stickers are defective and I parked my car in a normal parking zone yet I got towed. It all adds up to over $400--WHEN I DID NOTHING WRONG.

I am so angry. I am not exaggerating--if there isn't a group about it already, I'm starting it. Right now. Citizens Against DMV Abuse! They are making criminals out of legal, law-abiding citizens. They do it to all of us and it simply isn't fair, it isn't right and goddamnit as an American citizen I will not stand for it!