Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bird's Eye View.

This is an iconic part of The Ohio State University. The Oval is a central common area that serves to connect students to the densest part of campus. Literally millions of people have walked across this patch of land.

The buildings, from left to right, are Page Hall, Hagerty Hall, Mendenhall and Orton Hall. When the weather is nice, hundreds of students flock to The Oval to throw a frisbie, study with friends, take a nap or just walk around and enjoy the frenzy.

In reality millions of people have been to or at least know of The Oval. As the largest university in The United States, think of the thousands of prospective students and their families who have crossed The Oval while on a tour. Think of the myriad of international students whose perspective on America has been shaped by this one location. Consider the millions of memories people have of events that have taken place right here--proposals, breakups, hangtime with friends, study sessions, relaxation time, etc. It's a bold thought when you consider how this one little piece of land has impacted thousands of peoples' lives.

This is why City and Regional Planning matters.