Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Almost Feel Guilty.

I was so strong at first, but not anymore. I finally succumbed and wrote the "25 Things About Me" thing that everyone is doing yet nobody is reading. So, blogosphere, now you know pretty much everything about me.

1) My main form of transportation is my bike--pending there isn't ice on the road. I have a car, but I just don't like using it.

2) I'm obsessive with being "green". I recycle EVERYTHING, bike or walk over driving, only use re-usable things (my green coffee mug is my best friend!), etc. etc. I'm the kind that will carry a coke can all day until I find a recycling can.

3) With everything I do, I throw myself into it. When I train for a marathon it's all I think about. When I am planning a trip I study every detail about the city. When I'm studying I'm in the library until 3 in the morning.

4) I love to cook, and after working in a restaurant for 7 years I've picked up a lot of useful things.

5) The day after I graduate from OSU I am moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's the greatest place in the country, if not the world. I am so in love with Minnesota--the culture, the climate, the animals...everything. I could go on about it for hours (and to some of you, I have!).

5) After graduating and moving to Minneapolis, I am going to be an officer in the US Air Force Reserves. For Logistics (my major), it simply is the best training in the world. I am so excited about this, I've wanted to serve for years.

6) I frickin' adore the Big 10. I am the proudest Buckeye (and soon to be Gopher), but I like them all. The culture, the Midwest, the size of these schools, their academic and sports reputation...I seriously think the Big 10 is the greatest college system ever. Screw those Ivy Leagues!

7) Winter is my favorite time of the year. (Why do you think I'm willfully moving to Minnesota?). I love icicles, heaps of snow, bundling up, warm coffee on a cold day, watching everyone scatter to get to a warm destination...I simply love winter. I'm most happy when it's below 0.

8) I study cities like it's my job--oh, wait, it kind of is (it's my minor and my blog!). I am simply enamored by cities and city development. Although I don't plan on being an Urban Planner, it is my favorite topic to study, and whichever city I live in I'll always be pretty active in it.

9) "Busy" is an understatement for how I schedule my life. I'll put it into perspective: 30 hours each week of work, 21 credit hours (5 classes on a quarter schedule), 5 hours a week of piano practice, and I run 3-4 days a week (training for the Pittsburgh half-marathon). That's just the basics, that doesn't include things like dentist appointments, doing my taxes, singing karaoke, reading the Wall Street Journal (which I do every day, thanks to Fisher College of Business!). I'm not busy--I'm swamped!

10) I pride myself at being good at staying in contact with people. Whether it's just an e-mail or text message, I'm pretty good at maintaining a friendship. I just think of my friend Emily in California, Dane in North Carolina, Michelle and Laura in Chicago, Colin in Scotland, and of course my bathroom friends--Jed, Molly and Abbie! I met all of these people in random ways, yet I've stayed in contact with them for years. I met Molly while waiting for a bathroom and ended up going to her wedding! ha! :-)

11) OBSESSED with grammar. (That's ironic since that sentence is a fragment). I even have perfect text messages.

12) Blogging is one my favorite things, though it's often hard to maintain frequent updates.

13) I don't watch TV. Seriously, my TV has not been plugged in for like two years. I'm too busy to waste time.

14) I don't have the internet. I have a computer, but I haven't used it since September. Like the TV thing, I'm too busy to waste time.

15) Working in a restaurant has taught me so many things about life and it has honestly shaped a lot of things about me. Even after graduating, I think for a long time I'll always be working part-time in a restaurant. It's stressful at times, but I love it and the money is really good!

16) I've played piano since I was 8. I have never counted how many songs I've written, but over these years I'd say around 50 or 60. I guess that doesn't seem like a lot...but since they're all committed to memory, it is :-P

17) My bucket list includes writing a musical and having it be performed in a large theatre. Good thing The Twin Cities has the second highest number of theatres in the country!

18) My attitude towards America is rather disdainful. It's probably because the majority of people believe that a man lives in the clouds and sends hurricanes to destroy cities.

19) Architecture fascinates me. The concept of a single building is rather awe-inspiring when you think of it. Consider that it is the culmination of human achievement, all coalescing into a single operating function that is as smooth as ice and as resounding as a symphony. Architecture isn't my calling, but I stand in awe of it.

20) Food is rarely too spicy for me.

21) Transportation is my gig. For my minor I have focused my classes on civil engineering and transportation planning; for my major I study the efficient flow of goods through transportation systems. Trains, Highways, Airplanes, Bicycles...anything transportation related gets my heart racing.

22) For a long time I thought I was going to be a writer. I even had a publisher interested in my work. But, truthfully, I wasn't good enough. Writing a good book is pretty effing hard. I am ok with this, too. I don't consider it a failure (since I had what most writers dream of--a company willing to produce their book), I consider it finding out what I want to do. :-)

23) "Living for the unexpected" is pretty much how I live my life. I like trying new things: new restaurants, new coffeeshops, new neighborhoods, new cities, etc. etc. It's probably why I am so unhappy here in Columbus--I've been here 5 years and there is NOTHING left for me to try!

24) I play five instruments: piano, guitar, djembe, handbells and I sing. I could also claim derivations of these instruments: organ, dumbek, banjo, bass, congos/bongos, dulcimer...but, I really don't frequently play those. so it wouldn't be true. But I technically could play them.

25) I love Moose.