Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Reason to Shame Ohio: Lame Motto.

You know that I'm rather cynical of Ohio. I can't help it. So today when reviewing some of the new labor laws posted at work I noticed something random about this state--our motto. It was listed under "random facts" and I unfortunately learned what it is. Before I reveal it, I'll tell you--It's embarrassing. It makes us Ohioans look foolish and starry-eyed. I'm pretty much ashamed of it.

You ready for it? Literally, here it goes.

"With God, All Things Are Possible."


I really have no problems with anyone who wants to believe in an invisible man flying in the sky. Sure, do what you want with your Sundays, no matter how unproductive you spend your time. It's not really hurting others. But do you have to bring me into it? Do you have to bring an entire frickin' state into it, too?

A few other (fake) mottoes I'd be equally upset about: "Massachusetts: Where gays are equal!", "Washington: Atheists are People here, too!", "Montana: Christ Compels Us to Obey His Word!", "Florida: Jews Retire Here!"...hopefully you get my point. It's not the title of 'God' that upsets me, it's that enforcement of one's particular viewpoint thrown onto every single person. A state motto should represent the WHOLE population, and a motto like this marginalizes people into two categories: the yays and nays. Even though a huge portion of this state does not believe in God, they must now accept that the only way anything is possible is through God. Does that mean us Atheists have no ability to do anything? What about Jews, Hindus, Buddhists; is their deity the same "God" whom all things are possible through?

Yet another reason I am so glad to be moving from this God-awful place. With that said, here is a map of all the state mottos. Pretty cool, huh? And Minnesota..."The North Star". Sure beats the bullshit we have here in Ohio.

(Click to embiggen)

P.S. I like Texas'. It's cute!