Thursday, February 5, 2009


Face it--you wish you were Moose. I know you do. Any sane person would immediately trade places with a moose. Why do I say so? Well, because they are just the coolest animal ever. (And if you don't agree then shut up! You're wrong, I'm right, end of story! :-P )

So if you've ever been curious about where Moose live throughout the country, here is a nifty GIS application called "GAP Analysis" that lays out precisely where all the moose have been hiding. Unfortunately, the ONE state that I'm obsessed with does not have information here. No fair! They have fricking Wyoming but not Minnesota. Boo! (Especially since tons of Moose are in Minnesota).

The same GAP Analysis has plenty more information from this link here. You basically can retrieve any type of geographic information pertaining to a state--unless it's Minnesota. (Again, boo you guys!) Unfortunately since Ohio is such a lame state there is very little information. Sorry, not my fault guys.