Monday, November 3, 2008

Crime in Minneapolis Is a Myth!

Well, not so much. Some vandal infiltrated the beautiful Gold Medal Park and stole some of the rude!

A neighbor at the Bridgewater recently noticed that someone removed the letter “P” from the large sign and flipped it upside down so the sign read “GOLD MEDAL dARK.” Then the letters “P” and “G” went missing, leaving the sign to read “OLD MEDAL ARK.” Yesterday an “A” disappeared as well.

Minneapolis Planning Commission President David Motzenbecker, a landscape architect who helped design the park at 2nd Street and 11th Avenue South, said the Park Development Foundation’s maintenance company is now repairing the missing letters and they should be back in place next week. The architects are researching a more vandal-proof attachment method for the hollow aluminum sign.

Motzenbecker said this type of vandalism has happened before. Soon after the park opened last year, someone removed a letter, apparently by rocking it back and forth until it broke off its stand, and left the letter on the ground.
If you haven't been, Gold Medal Park is a stunningly beautiful green space just outside the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. It's so nifty that even the benches are lit up bright blue at night!