Monday, November 24, 2008

Today's Photo Tour.

Guess where today's photos come from? Yeah, I know. You're getting sick of Minneapolis. Get over it! :-P

These photos come from Greg Benz. He is incredibly talented! Check out his site for photos from not only Minneapolis but from around the world. You can even buy prints if you'd like! (They're really that good). This first photo seems appropriate--Minneapolis in the morning. (Even though it's almost 2 in the morning for me. Hmph).

Here is an incredible shot of the interior of the central downtown library, designed by world famous architect Cesar Pelli. You may be familiar with his work on the one of the tallest structures in the world, Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers, Bank of America's world headquarters in Charlotte, the Key Bank building in Cleveland, The World Financial Center in New York, The Cleveland Clinic, The Schuster Center in Dayton, the Cira Center in Philidelphia, The Wells Fargo building in Minneapolis, The Aronoff Center in Cincinnati...the list is endless. I have no idea how this one man has seemed to design so many incredible buildings throughout the world. The man is everywhere.

Next is a photo of the incredible Walker Arts Center. I visited it for the first time on my last visit and without question it is the finest art museum I have ever been to. Absolutely stunning.

According to Greg, Red Bull installed these on the Stone Arch Bridge for about a month over the summer. Regardless, it provides a beautiful photo of downtown in Minneapolis.
I've been strolling through his blog for hours. It's addicting. But, here is one last photo. One that makes me smile. A lot.