Monday, November 10, 2008

Vancouver's Newest Neighborhood.

Vancouver is dense; really dense. So much it's eclipsed Manhattan as the densest residential area of North America. Really clinging to the Jane Jacobs idea of a mixed-use 24-hour city, downtown Vancouver has transformed itself in an exemplary city of mixed demographics, an affluent arts capital, a city to conduct business in and also a place to live, work, eat and play.

An interesting proposal is coming to the city that seems to balance Urban life so well--residential units in a stadium.

Vancouver has never seen a neighbourhood like this. While the city has managed to balance residential and entertainment land uses in areas such as Robson and Davie streets, Vancouver city planning director Brent Toderian says that the future housing development at B.C. Place Stadium will break new ground in redefining livability.

Some 1,200 residential units are expected to rise at the stadium’s site at the northeast end of False Creek, a district that Toderian noted will become an entertainment, sports, and cultural centre. At present, this area houses GM Place, the Edgewater Casino, and the Plaza of Nations, which will soon be the new home of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Noise, traffic, and lack of community amenities are some of the challenges future residents will face. Obviously, these housing units aren’t for everyone.

I'm single. I like noise. I like Urban life. But I'm not too sure if I'd willfully sign up to live in place where nearly 100,000 people show up on my lawn once a week.

(This photo includes B.C. Stadium's Upcoming Retractable Roof)