Friday, August 29, 2008

Ingrish Funny!

I'm pretty sure this was found somewhere in The South...Alabama? Arkansas? Either way, I'd be willing to bet money this came from some numskull who wants a law requiring English to be designated as the *official* language of The United States and that anyone who doesn't speak English be kicked outta dis' here country!

What bothers me about that is this--it's limiting. While it's not uncommon for Europeans to speak fluently two or three languages, here in the US it's considered unique if you've mastered two languages, and genius if you're accomplished three. By forcing anyone who comes to this country to abandon who they are and learn "our ways" would be anathema to what this country stands for. We are a country of immigrants, a stewpot of people, values, beliefs, morals and opinions. But we are united under the cause and fundamental belief that tomorrow can be better than it is today. I don't ever want to change that cause. I don't want to ever imagine my country as limiting.