Monday, August 4, 2008

Who's Your City?

If you're looking for a fun city website, here is a City Life site that gives a unique test to compare possible city locations for you. I took the test, and received the following advice:

Your place finder results:

You should probably leave Columbus, Ohio
final score: 53 (below the average [76] score)

You should definitely consider moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota
final score: 96 (amongst the highest scores)

You should probably move to New York, New York
final score: 84 (above the average [76] score)

You should probably move to Chicago, Illinois
final score: 77 (above the average [76] score)

You should probably not move to Boston, Massachusetts
final score: 70 (below the average [76] score)

Well that's nothing surprising. I adore Columbus and I think so highly of it. I am a Buckeye through and through. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to raise a family, is looking for a new city to experience or a young professional recently out of college. This city is incredible. But at the same time, after four years, I'm ready for the next move. And hopefully it will be Minneapolis! :-)

The site itself is about author Richard Florida who wrote the book, Who's Your City?, and although I haven't read it I've already ordered my copy! (There is an excerpt here if you'd like to sample it). It seems to describe exactly my take on city life--where you choose to live is one of the most important decisions you can make. People have been saying that in the digital age where you live is irrelevant since you can easily have a conference call while sitting on the shores of Hawaii. I argue the contrary--that suburban sprawl is devastating to this country--and I do so relentlessly. Seems like Richard Florida and I agree on this.

(Thanks to joev for the link!)