Monday, August 4, 2008

Flamer Comes to "God Hates Fags Church".

You've probably heard about Westboro Baptist Church. They just love fags.

Anyway, some small flames erupted in trash cans by the church, which the Church claims was "result of arson". (I would never advocate setting a church on fire, but I won't necessarily say WBC should act surprised). They've posted a video in response:

Hmph. Charming. They blame "Fags and fag sympathizers", though as of yet there is no evidence of arson.

True to form, as the firefighters fought to put out the flames at the Church, the members of the congregation brought out signs and began picketing them screaming, "You will all go to hell! Every last one of you!"

As noted by Good As You, "No stones left uncast!"