Saturday, August 2, 2008

McCain's Newest Ad Calls Obama "The One"

And I thought this campaign couldn't get any stranger.

Can we just lay it out there--what the hell are they thinking? First off, this isn't even a good campaign ad! It insinuates that millions and millions of people are excited about the other candidate. I'm no marketer, but I would think that praising your opponent is not a strategy to consider, much less embrace. But with the past two campaign videos, the prior calling Obama a celebrity, it seems like the McCain campaign is actually helping Obama!

And did anyone catch the statement, "They will call him The One"? I'm a little curious which 'they' the McCain campaign is referencing, because it doesn't sound like they're referring to Americans. Perhaps the ad is suggesting that 'they' over in the Middle East will call him The One? Another stab at his Muslim name?

Geez, crazy loons.