Monday, August 25, 2008

Troops to Leave Iraq by 2011.

Hooray! Only an 8-year war!!!

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says the United States has agreed in negotiations to withdraw all its troops from Iraq by 2011.

But U.S. officials insist no deal has been reached.

Mr. Maliki Monday said his government has reached an agreement with Washington that any foreign presence on Iraqi soil will end by 2011. He did not offer any further details.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for U.S. President George Bush said there has not been any final security deal with Iraq.

It doesn't surprise me that after the Iraqi Government has begged the US leave "no matter the condition of Iraq", The Bush Administration still won't take the hint. Even now when Iraq says, "Fine, if you won't immediately get out, please just leave within 3 years!", Mr. Bush still wants to stay longer!

Interesting, in another article, the Government spokesman for Iraq, Ali al-Dabbagh, is quoted as saying, "When the date is expired, they cannot stay even one more day in the country, for they have no more pretexts to do so then".

After a comment like that, do you really think they even want us there now?