Friday, August 22, 2008

McCain: It Was the Gays Who Tortured Me!

Oh, sometimes it just hurts to read what John McCain says.

In a recent 12,000-word statement about his "torture"* in North Vietnam, John McCain had the following to say about his treatment on the other side of the world:

"Some guards would just come in and do their job. When they were told to beat you they would come in and do it. Some seemed to get a big bang out of it. A lot of them were homosexual, although never toward us. Some, who were pretty damned sadistic, seemed to get a big thrill out of the beatings."

So, there you have it. The gays tortured him. Those silly homos! Is that why they call everything "fierce"?

*(Now, I say "tortured", because according to John McCain himself, his torture methods included sleep deprivation, beatings, stress positions, long-time standing and the refusal for medical care. According to The United States and how we treat our prisoners, John McCain was not tortured. We do this on a daily basis to our prisoners, and we actually use worse tactics in certain situations. The Bush Administration continues to claim that we do not torture our prisoners. And thus, if that is true, John McCain was never tortured.)