Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not Everything is About Hillary Clinton.

Goodness people, would you cry a river, build a bridge and get over it? I was checking out what bloggers are saying about Obama's VP selection--great choice, it's exactly who he needed--and over at this site here there is a thread that begins with this comment:

what do you think about the Obama campaign sending out the text messages beginning at 3AM (confirmed by CNN). Am I crazy in seeing this as a politically tone deaf dig at Hillary [?]

Oh come on! SHE LOST! Stop trying to turn everything he does as some jab at Hillary Clinton. He doesn't care about her. America doesn't care about her. NO ONE CARES ABOUT HER! Get off your silly PUMA bandwagon and step in line--we have an election to win! Do you really think the Obama campaign is that concerned with the person they defeated months ago?

They sent the text message out at 3 AM because Barack promised his supporters that he would let them know, via text, who was his VP selection. (It's how I got the news.) However, word began leaking around 1 AM on and other sources, and thus they got that "3 AM call" and made the decision to send out the message at that time--in order to stick to their promise. They also sent out the message at 3 AM in order to let the news hit the media before the morning.I doubt it made it into the papers (I haven't checked mine yet), but the world is waking up to the news of Obama's VP selection. I think that's smart, not vindictive.

Here are a few other choice comments...

"there is one and only one reason to send those messages at 3am. they thought it would be funny to kick Hillary in the teeth. plain and simple."

How many times do people have to see Barack Obama doing petty vengeful things toward Hillary Clinton to get the message? This "3 a.m." text message was clearly deliberate."

"You know, I think they hate the Clintons far more than any republicans ever did. They want to crush her so badly they can taste it."

"All the Hillary whiners should go cry in the corner and let everyone else get on with the election process."

That last one is my personal favorite!