Sunday, August 3, 2008

Early Preview: Eleven!

So the recent buzz has been stirring about the new restaurant opening at The Cap, Eleven, and some gossip has been dished out with all the delicious info you need to know.

So here's the skinny--the drinks are banging. Although the drinks are priced similarly to the name of the bar (how kind of them to provide a warning!), Eleven is calling their brand of cocktails "molecular mixology" (which seems redundant and unnecessary, but whatever). As tacky as the brand name is, from what my friend says, I'll soon be getting over it once I see just how good the drinks are.

The cocktail menu includes some familiar favorites, but also some unique drinks such as the Dulce de Leche Martini, which is as thick as cheesecake and as filling as a ribeye, The Green Fairy, featuring recently-legal Absinthe, and The Deconstructed Martini, which is Hangar One Vodka with green olive caviar. Lastly the drink garnishes sound innovative and creative, and I'm dying to see what the hell "citrus foam" is like. It sounds ostentatious, vicious and delicious...everything I like in a drink!

The biggest thing that was confirmed was they will have a $4 happy hour which will feature many of the drinks from the menu, most Martinis using high-end vodkas like Belvedere and Greygoose. (Hopefully they won't pull a Smith and Wollensky on us!) This happy hour list has plenty of molecularly mixed cocktails, including the French 75, a rather subtle twist on the standard French cocktail. It's shaken with Tanqueray and lemon juice, finished with a Champaign float on top. Sounds good enough for me! (Especially @ $4!)

The wine list is simply awe-inspiring, so I'm told. They'll feature over 100 glass pours from all over the world--and all over the price range, too.

As far as the food goes, we'll just have to wait and see!

The restaurant itself is gorgeous and will be the place to be in The Short North. It boasts both a large bar terrace as well as multiple fireplaces to cozy up with. From the limited information I have, though, it won't take much to assume that Hyde Park will yet again wow us with a beautiful restaurant interior.

Eleven opens August 7th, and I'm sure all of us will be able to grab ourselves a first-hand review of the place. Hopefully this preview will at least caress your senses, appease your appetite and get you excited for the new comer to The Short North!

It's citrus foam, not caviar form, so scratch the pretension (but keep the ostentation!). It's also lemon juice, not lime juice, in the French 75.