Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dead. And No Insurance.

Oh those Libertarians, they're such idealists.

Activists belonging to the libertarian wing of the Republican Party continue to mourn the loss of Kent Snyder, a 49-year-old gay political operative credited with propelling the presidential campaign of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) into a national, grassroots movement that raised more than $35 million.

Snyder, who served as Paul’s campaign chair, died of pneumonia on June 26 after being hospitalized for about two months and after running up medical bills exceeding $400,000, according to friends and family members, who said he did not have health insurance. (NY Blade, July 16th, 2008)

What I find funny, unfortunately, is that one of the most recognized names in the "no-regulation" political party couldn't even afford insurance. Doesn't that say something about their free market ideals? I mean, if a successful, rich old white man who raised $35 Million G's for Ron Paul can't even afford health care, perhaps there really is a problem in the system?

Oh, and although they don't believe taxes are constitutional...guess who is gonna end up footing the bill for this guy? Yeah, not Ron Paul, that's for sure.