Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fourbucks Looks for New Design.

Starbucks wants to change things. After their awful "return to our roots" campaign, which of course pissed off some Christians (is that their job? They seem awfully good at it), Starbucks is looking for a new logo to spruce up their image.

The proposal?

Now, first off...this is not a joke. Second...hmph. That's not a pretty design. It reminds me of those strange Japanese products I buy from The North Market (I love J-culture! DON'T JUDGE ME.). But, even worse, as pointed out by IsThisStupid, who would ever seriously buy a cup of coffee from a place called $? Then to further enhance the folly...who would buy a cup of coffee from a place that has the syntax for kissing your money goodbye? :-* $

Oh, Starbucks. I hope you can make it out ok.