Thursday, July 17, 2008

Transit, Googlized.

Great news for transit fans in Columbus, Ohio!

Google Transit, a program that helps users plan their trips around their city solely using public transportation, has finally come to Columbus!

The Columbus Dispatch:
Fred Huffman, a 42-year-old homeless man who was waiting for a High Street bus near campus last week, thinks Google Transit will come in handy for people who don't know their way around Columbus.

"You always have someone who is new on the bus, and they are scared to ask questions," said Huffman, who uses the bus sometimes. "And a lot of times, bus drivers are a little too busy to answer questions, or they don't know."

I'm a little curious why The Columbus Dispatch chose a 42-year-old homeless man to interview about a internet-only product targeted at those who never use the bus, but, heck, they're the professionals, not me!