Friday, July 25, 2008

What's Coming to our City.

There is so much going on this city. Every morning when I read the paper I'm jotting down a new restaurant to check out, or a new coffee shop to invade, or a new boutique to peruse through...Columbus, I'm running out of time (and money!).

Here is a short-list of some new things that are scheduled to arrive in our fine city:

-Martini Park: Set up to be like a playground for adults, this Martini bar and Small Plate Restaurant looks like it will be an incredible addition to the already booming Easton Town Center. The only problem? Well, who is going to want to party it up in a suburban nightclub? With no public transportation running from Easton to the city (at night, that is), this pretty much eliminates Martini Park from my options. Unless I want to drop $30 on a cab. (Which won't happen)

-Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar: Opening in the Arena District adjacent from Gordon Biersch, this bar has already found success in Nashville, St. Louis and Tempe. The dueling piano bar theme is nothing new, though to my knowledge there is nothing like it here in Columbus. When I was in Orlando I had the pleasure of enjoying a "dueling piano bar" experience, and it was certainly entertaining and unforgettable. They let me duke it out on the ivory keys with one of the professional pianists; we did the song Plush by Stone Temple Pilots. I'm excited to see what kind of talent this joint is going to round up! :-)

-The Book Suite: According to Columbus Underground, this snazzy loft is coming in the first week of September and will be located right beside the new Urban-Spirit Coffee Shop. Also recently reported was the opening of another coffee shop located in the same King-Lincoln District, Zanzibar Brews.

-Rosendale's Expansion: According to Columbus-ING, Richard Rosendale has purchased the now defunct Fibres and is planning an expansion, though it will probably be a restaurant with a more casual theme than his current restaurant.

-Cook Shack Bar-B-Q: This is an unconfirmed rumor, but I've heard that a part of the Atlas Building downtown has been leased out to the owner of Cook Shack Bar-B-Q, a restaurant in Hilliard.

- Black Olive: I asked readers about this a few days ago and seems like no one has written a review yet...but, it's been open a short while and from what I hear it's just mediocre. Opening at the former iconic Coffee Table in The Short North, the new restaurant features a vastly improved look from its predecessor (though that wasn't hard considering the old CT), a menu that is reasonable and eclectic, and a location that couldn't be more prime. However, it seems like the food needs a bit more reconditioning.

- Sage American Bistro: Sage opened a little over a month ago, but I've heard nothing but glowing reviews and I have yet to venture up to it. Located in the North Campus area, the only things I know about the restaurant is that it's beautiful and the food is delicious. Can you really ask for more?

- Eleven: I can't seem to find any news on this place, but a friend of mine has been hired there and all he has told me is that will be the next fun place to go for Cocktails. Although a different concept from Marcella's, he described it to me as "small plates, tapas, martinis and fun"...(yeah, sounds original, huh?). Regardless, if it's anything like Hyde Park, it will be great.

- Deepwood: You'd be surprised what came up when I googled this one! The former Abracci by the Greek Orthodox church foiled, but luckily this steakhouse showed up to take it's place! (Though, honestly, it couldn't have possibly chosen a worse name). From what I hear, the new restaurant is great and although somewhat pricey, the experience completely lives up to the tab. However, I still don't want to order a piece of meat from a place called Deepwood. (Note: They are open for lunch! I can hear it now, "Let's get Deepwood for lunch"...terrible, absolutely terrible.)

If anyone has been to any of the already opened restaurants (Deepwood, Sage, Black Olive, etc.), feel free to comment and let us know how they are!