Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No, I'm Not Going.

Friends, things just aren't the same in Wisconsin. Why? Because those damned homosexuals are invading and making normal people uncomfortable. Why, they're so uncomfortable that Nancy of Eau Claire feels it is necessary to write the local paper begging the gays to crawl back into the closet. Things are just so out-of-control that children are learning that homosexuals are real people. This is an outrage! Why, we can't let this happen! And thus, Nancy wrote a letter. Here is a sample of that touching letter from Nancy of Eau Claire, Wisconsin...

If someone is gay, why can't they keep it private, confined to their homes? I don't hate gay people, just the lifestyle; it's not natural. They and their mates should have the same rights as any couple (man and woman) to have insurance on each other, to be able to care for the other if ill, all but the marriage vows. It just isn't what God intended to be the norm.

They have the right to life and pursuit of happiness like anyone else, but the line should be drawn at same-sex marriages. They are still human beings and should be treated as such, and I definitely do not wish to harm these folks in any way. There is no reason to beat them or kill them like what has happened in the past. We have a right to say how we feel, but not to take it upon ourselves to punish them. This is their choice, not ours. They will have to answer to God, not us.

Honey, have I got news for you. We ain't going anywhere. You can beg and plead with us, but we'll keep on singing. You can write your letters and hold your rallies, but we'll still keep pounding our feet. You can huddle in the safety of your churches and cling to your banal idea of "family", but that won't stop us from prancing. You can protest, march, yell, scream...but we're here to stay. We're Americans, just like you. We're Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, firefighters, farmers, police officers and, yes, we're even even Ministers. We work in restaurants, in hair salons, in gas stations, in warehouses, in schools, in churches, in supermarkets, in hospitals, in bars and, yes, we even work for the Government. We walk the same streets as you, we love our families just like you do and we even salute the same flag as you do. I'm here to tell you to stop looking at us as if we're different, as if we're beneath you. Nancy, you and I are equals. Nancy, we are all equals.

But, Nancy, the most important thing I have to tell you is this--I love you. Yes, that's right, I'm talking to the person who just said I am an aberrant homosexual. I'm talking to the person who just told me she'd rather me hide in the closet than have to bother her with my well-kept hair and my proper diction. I'm talking to the person who said I chose this lifestyle, that it's against the norm, it's unwelcome, unwanted and frankly not even attractive. I'm talking to the person who said she hates me, and here I am going to say it again: I love you, Nancy, because one day, you'll also see that we're equals. And when that day comes, I hope you remember that it was I who love others and treated everyone with kindness...not you.