Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finally: Black Olive Review!

The Other Paper finally dished out a review of Black Olive! However, it's not necessarily very praising...

Visually, the new place makes the grade. The owner operates successful local joints like Typhoon and Shoku; given that pedigree, it’s no surprise to find Black Olive stylishly decorated in dark neutrals with a few striking orange accents. And along with the stylish interior comes the obligatory chicly black-clad army of haughty-hottie servers.

As for the food served by those servers, it’s less consistently impressive. Some of the offerings are ready for prime time, and some still need a little R&D.
Well, still, the place is cheap enough (<$10 sandwiches) that I won't be maxing out my credit cards just to check it out. And it's open for lunch, something that is somewhat lacking in The Short North! (Hyde Park, Rosendale's, and RJ Snappers are all closed during the day).