Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lying for Jesus!

Why does the irony burn so much when Christians have to lie in order to get their point across?

Do you see this photo? Before I get any further, let's talk about how there are five people at this banning of McDonald's. I mean, that's all they could muster up? A measly five people? They're claiming that 200,000 people signed the McDonald's ban...yet just a mere five people showed up at the first official protest? For getting national acclaim, I'm surprised their numbers are so...unsatisfying.

But, look at the photo. Look at the font used. Look at the sign on the far right that has the "x" on sex crossing over the border of the sign. Look at the pixelized "i'm NOT lovin' it" sign. All of it looks rather...amateur. Oh, and it doesn't look real, either.

Are you following me here? The group of Christians who are banning McDonald's photoshopped this photo (and quite terribly, might I add) to look like it was a same-sex marriage protest. Actually, with how bad the quality of the photo-editing, I doubt they even used photoshop; looks more like Microsoft Paint!

I have seen this so many times. I have seen so many Christians lie in order to prove their point; which, in turn, disproves their point. It's actually rather sad. Their point and their position are both are so weak they have to lie in order to be heard.

Lying for Jesus does not make your family values look any more appealing; in fact, it makes me worry what other values you'd easily compromise.