Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chi-Town Visit!

I leave for Chicago in less than 5 hours! My bags are packed, my house is cleaned, my trip confirmed...seems like everything is in place!

Well, minus the windstorm that knocked over a tree and thus killed my power.

I'm writing from the SEL (Science and Engineering Library @ Ohio State) and luckily this mammoth of a building is keeping me nice and cozy. However, The Oval is tore up from the winds, trees are uprooted everywhere and also my car almost got trampled by a tree (my car was about five feet from being smashed!).

I'm leaving this evening for Chi-Town via the Megabus. My roundtrip ticket cost me $30! On top of that, I'm trying to have the cheapest yet greatest vacation ever. How much am I bringing? You'll think I'm crazy, but I'm only bringing $100 for four days in Chicago. I'll be living off of Ramen and a flask of Kamchatka, but I don't care. I'd rather be poor and have my bills paid than live lavishly without electricity! And fortunately I'll be staying with my good friend Michelle, where I'll be able to cook my Ramen and pasta-san-sauce, so I'm certain between all the great (free) things to do in Chicago, I'll be quite content.

And lastly, I'll be blogging a lot over the next few days. Why? Oh, because I won't be able to afford anything else!