Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Indianapolis: Change Comes to Circle.

I really like Indianpolis. I'm not going to pack my bags and head west, but I find it to be a beautiful city with a downtown on par with Columbus. There are monuments everywhere; in fact, it has the second highest numbers of monuments within city-limits of any American city, coming right after Washington D.C.. Seems a bit random for lil' old Indy, huh?

The city is centered around Monument Circle, an enormous memorial erected in reverent memory of veterans of the American Revolution. All of the streets are built in consideration of the circle, including Market Street which runs up to the circle and then around it. City planners are looking to change that.

As of now, traffic from one of the busiest streets in Indianapolis circles the Monument. However, a group of business developers and urban planners are looking to close all vehicular traffic through the circle, trying to give a more "European" feel, where people relax and hang out in the circle.

Seems like a great idea to me. As it is now, they shut down traffic at the circle for many major events, so why not turn it into a large-scale Dupont Circle? When I lived in Washington D.C., it was always wonderful to relax by the fountain at Dupont, as many other people do. Bringing the same social good to Indianapolis would only help their downtown and their city.