Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Calling BULLSHIT.

Forbes has produced yet another list, but this time it is their list of the country's greatest universities--and I'm calling it bullshit. Their methodology involves ranking the Universities by number of rhodes scholars or nobel prize winners, number of alumnus on the Who's Who List of Americans, and also percentage of students who graduate within four years. I know you're thinking it, too--WTF?!

They have The Ohio State University, an internationally recognized research institution, ranked at #292. Although we are the flagship University of the state of Ohio and a member of the revered Big Ten, they put tiny and unknown all-male Wabash College way ahead of us. They ranked it #12.

Speaking of the Big Ten, University of Minnesota, the fourth largest school in the country, was ranked at #524, and University of Wisconsin-Madison, a beacon of prestige, was ranked at #335. Honestly, this is outrageous. They even have the historically significant Howard University ranked at #560!

I'm amazed that they even published this list. Not only because of my Buckeye Pride, but because this list could not be any more bogus. It's insulting to see the well-respected University of Maryland at College Park at #410 and then never-heard-of Occidental College almost 200 places above it at #233. Ridiculous!