Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dubai is "Tabula Rasa".

Well, this isn't really too shocking. But it's still cool!

“For architects, Dubai is a tabula rasa, a blank slate,” says Patrick Fejér, design partner at Bregman + Hamann Architects, a Toronto firm that last year opened an office in Dubai, where it is working on three high-rise residential towers as well as several commercial projects in neighbouring United Arab Emirates states, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

“There's an ‘anything goes' attitude in Dubai and we have tremendous freedom to create something out of the ordinary. Dubai is all about escapism and fantasy and our job is to translate that into the look and function of a building,” Mr. Fejér says.

In this wealthy emirate, innovative ideas about function and design are front and centre. Money is no object and even such staid organizations as banks and insurance companies are housed in stunning, eye-catching structures that lend colour and flair to the fast-growing Dubai skyline.

The article is mainly about the fact that Dubai can't even keep up with its own growth. Which, in the end, is a good thing. My only question though...would you really want to live in Dubai? It's so hot. And the people there are...well, really bad drivers. It's like Miami with Turbans.