Monday, September 15, 2008

"Value" Voters Sure Love Their Racism!

"If these represent the values of the “Values Voters”, I know all I need to know about their values." -Rick Wingrove, speaking about the recent Obama Waffles flop.

If you hadn't heard, some whackjob Christians at the Values Voters summit in Washington D.C. put together a marketing campaign, Obama Waffles, which picture Obama as a Muslim with a sign saying, "Point box toward Mecca for Tastier Waffles". It also states, "Best if used before November 4th, 2008". It has a sultry picture of Michelle Obama saying "They're selling like hot cakes!"

The mere assertion of "Values Voters" is beyond me. The implication is that they are above the rest of us; their vote is based on some moral code, while the rest of us are a bunch of heathen non-value voters. We who care that every American has health insurance, are the ones void of values. We who would rather work to improve a criminal instead of just killing them off, are the ones bereft of virtue. And we who want equality for all people, are the godless sinners who care nothing for right or wrong.

And they say they come with humility. What mindless arrogance to boast of yourself as the only voters with values and then simultaneously proclaim that our murdering of innocent Iraqis is just, that our 46 million uninsured Americans is simply a "dip" in the free market, that the poor are just a bunch of lazy fucks and that homosexuals choose their lifestyle and thus don't deserve any type of rights or even representation under the law.

It's a pity there really isn't a hell.