Monday, September 22, 2008

No Way, No How, No McCain.

I am not doing enough.

There are 42 days until the election, and only 12 more days to register voters here in Ohio. Simply put, I am not doing enough for the Obama campaign. As of now I have donated money and gone to a few rallies--that's it. I haven't knocked on doors, I haven't hit up the phone banks, and I haven't gone out canvassing.

Why does it matter? Because the next twelve days will shape the next twelve years. We simply cannot allow us to barrel on in the current direction hoping the free market will fix everything. We can't continue to deregulate every Government infrastructure yet at the same time allow the Government to nationalize every single one of our industries. After the past few weeks, they own the banks, the mortgage companies, the finance companies, Wall Street and soon enough they'll roll into Detroit and nationalize Ford, too.

John McCain wants to keep this up. He doesn't believe our economy is in trouble at all. He doesn't believe our health care is in trouble. He believes everything is swell over in Iraq. And then he also believes his silly little VP is ready to run this country. This man is delusional and should be seeking psychiatry, not the presidency.

Our country is in trouble, and the world is too busy to even notice us in our free fall. John McCain doesn't have a single plan that will help Americans. What we need is a change, and Barack Obama is the only candidate who brings to the table the plans, energy and momentum to provide that change.

Starting Wednesday, I'm going to start going door-to-door. If I talk to 50 people and only get one vote, I will have accomplished something. Every vote counts here in Ohio. If you're not registered, follow this link for directions on how to register. You only have 12 days left.