Friday, September 5, 2008

I Never Cared for John McCain.

So, John McCain. He talked last night. I didn't like it. Of course I'm biased, but after Barack Obama's unforgettable speech at Invesco Field, you simply could not recreate nor come close to trumping what happened in Denver.

Political Analyst Bill Schneider had this to say about the speech:

My view is: It was a simple and sincere speech that gave testimony to his character, avoiding most divisive social issues. But it did not seem to answer the question, "What are you going to do about the nation's terrible economic problems?"

His answers seemed very much part of the past: cut spending, cut taxes. He really needs to find a new and bolder economic plan.

He tried to claim some of Obama's major campaign themes Thursday: unity and change. But when McCain talks about change, he talks about changing Washington. When the Democrats talk about change, they're talking about changing the way things are going in the country.

If voters are choosing between two men, they will probably choose McCain. If they're choosing between two policies, I think Obama has the edge: His are newer, smarter and fresher.

McCain represents the failed policies of the past. We tried Reaganomics and Bush tax cuts, and look at where we are now: we have the largest deficit in the history of our nation, unemployment is coming close to 6%, we're in two failing wars, we have an economy in crisis, gas prices have tripeld since 2000...these are the facts, and when McCain continues with "cut taxes, reduce spending", just as every Republican has said, I agree with Bill Schneider...we need a new economic plan. And after last night, it's official that McCain has no new good ideas in order to fix this nation. He claimed to want to "open new markets" that will stop jobs from going overseas...but, for one, he made no mention of what these new markets were (recall he couldn't even identify what financial markets were) and also usually opening new markets will ship jobs overseas!

Lastly, John McCain's ending was just terrible. Not the actual writing; that script was rather beautiful. But his delivery was so poor. He continued to barrel on through the zenith of an hour-long speech, shouting over crowds that were cheering. It was like the Academy Awards, and once the "shut up music" began to play, he just kept on going. Really a bad way to end the most important speech of your life.

There are only 59 days left until the election.