Tuesday, September 30, 2008

An Eye-Opener.

Sometimes you out in the blogosphere take the time to sit down and write me an e-mail, which always brightens my day. Whether it's about things you love, things you wanted added, or things you absolutely hate, it usually makes me feel like this whole shindig is worth it. Thank you.

As part of checking my e-mail I always swing by my spam mail, since on a few occasions reader mail has ended up there. It's only been twice, so I usually skim over my junk mail just to make sure a legit e-mail hasn't accidentally ended up there.

Today, as I was checking my spam mail, I received a letter from a reader who thought I'd laugh at one of his spam mails. Titled, "Is Your Wife Boring?", the e-mail contained the following lovely anecdote...

Is wifey boring you? Is she too tired from cooking and cleaning? Or are you just getting plain old fed up with doing all the work and watching her sit around the house claiming she's "not in the mood"? Well--how about you give our girls a try?! We have every girl you could ever want! Our little asian sluts will surely do a better job than your deadbeat wife!

Hmph. Now I know why it was in my spam mail. Oh, and believe me, there was more, but as it is I'm not sure if this entry is really worksafe...

I found the e-mail funny. It seemed like it was written by a housewife whose a little P-O-ed at hubby. But, at the same time, it just made me feel a little sorry. Not for myself--but for this country. We have millions of people working day and night to ensure that loving homosexual couples can't get married, yet the pornography business is raking in more than most small countries. ($14 Billion, by the way). It's destroying marriages, families and even people's lives. If the wingnuts are really trying to save the sanctity of marriage, why don't they start with the marriages that already exist?