Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hitler and Palin: BFFs!!!

Everyday Sarah Palin turns out to be more like Adolf Hitler. Much like Hitler, Sarah gives rousing speeches, loves the Lord dearly and likes to make fun of people who aren't like her. And, true to form, both Hitler and Sarah Palin hate books. Those pesky things keep people educated! We can't have that for America, and Sarah Palin certainly did not want that for Alaska. Why, if the people are educated, they won't vote for me!

So when Sarah was mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, she decided to make a list of books to ban at the local library. When the librarian refused, Sarah worked to have the poor old lady fired from her position. Luckily the whole thing blew up in her face, but now we are left to wonder: do we want a Vice President who has almost no respect for the constitution? Censorship is the issue at stake here, and if big brother comes swooping into our libraries to start banning books, what will be next? The Government already taps our phones, reads our e-mails and monitors our homes without warrants. Under a Sarah Palin regime, she'd have no problems trashing the constitution, because if you recall from her speech, reading a criminal their rights is a cumbersome task not worth our policemen's time.

Sarah Palin, you are a nazi. The mere notion of you having any shred of a chance at The White House is a terrifying thought, and not only for this country--it is a terrifying thought for freedom itself. I hope your Presidency never finds fruition. I hope you do not get re-elected as Governor. If I had my way, your career in politics would come to a screeching halt. And, yes, I'll say it--I'm crossing my fingers that you go back to your anti-American Alaskan recession group so the world can really see how crazy you are. Because, Sarah Palin, you really are a batshit crazy loon.