Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain Votes Against Transit for DC.

Lordy, I can never find anything I like about "that one", John McCain. I mean, seriously. He's already old, annoying, creepy, an admitted liar and an adulterer...can't he come up with something that I find admirable? Just one? Oh God.

So today in the news, I find out he voted against promoting transportation in my hometown of Washington D.C.! Come on, John! Are you asking for me to loathe you? Jeepers!

McCain was also one of two dozen senators who voted last week against a bill that included Davis's proposal to authorize $1.5 billion in dedicated funding to Metro over 10 years. The provision was part of broader rail safety and Amtrak funding legislation.

Davis said that he was disappointed with McCain's vote but that he thinks McCain's opposition was directed more at Amtrak.

A statement from the McCain campaign, however, targeted the Metro funding as well as Amtrak. "Senator McCain strongly objects to earmarks in the bill such as a $1.5 billion earmark for the Washington . . . Metro system and questions if this money is warranted above the needs that may exist among other mass transit systems in our country," the statement says. "With the serious financial situation facing our nation, this [multibillion-dollar] commitment of taxpayers' dollars can [be] dedicated to addressing far more important national priorities." The Dulles rail issue was not addressed.

Addressed to John McCain
: I agree that other transportation systems need funding. They all do. John McCain, you blind baffoon, transportation is the vehicle for production! Promoting transportation promotes a better economy! You were a military man...come on! Logistics is what makes or breaks a military operation. You should know this. (I realize you got shot down 5 times and all, but your memory shouldn't be that warped!) So why won't you support transportation efforts that would in effect fix the economic problems we're in?! It creates jobs, furthers production, increases efficiency and reduces the cost of our highways. Gosh, you old geezer, you sometimes get me so upset...!