Monday, October 13, 2008

The Reasons to Vote Early in Ohio.

I received a great e-mail and thought I'd share it with you. I'm going tomorrow to vote early because of it!

I encourage EVERYONE in Ohio to vote early. And here's why:

1. If you vote early, you save the campaign valuable time and money, because they no longer have to spend their resources targeting you and making sure that you get to the polls. It costs a lot of money to run the phone banks, mail literature, and drive canvassers out to your place.

2. Instead of wasting their efforts on a staunch supporter, they will be able to target and contact new and undecided voters. And their lists of election day GOTV targets will be whittled down, making them easier to read & follow for the hundreds of election day volunteers and staffers.

3. It gets even better if you persuade someone else to vote early. That's another person not in line on Nov 4. Not only do you bank their vote, you stop the campaign from inadvertently annoying them with calls and canvassing (of which too much of can be a turn-off). It IS possible to annoy your supporters with too much contact.

4. You'll do a great service to the brilliant number-crunchers at HQ, because they'll gradually get a better picture of how things are shaping up, which precincts to target, and how to move votes. Their models are definitely going to appreciate the numbers you give them.

5. And best of all, you'll reduce the odds of GOP operatives 'challenging' you at the polls or forcing you to stand in artificially long lines on election night. By voting early, you REDUCE the possibility of election fraud by the GOP.

Come on, Ohio!!! you realize what an advantage we have, that other critical states like Michigan can only dream of? Please don't waste it. It's not enough to just early/absentee vote yourself, REACH OUT to help others early vote.

COLUMBUS Vote Early location-

Franklin County Vets Memorial
300 West Broad St in downtown Columbus
FREE PARKING back of bldg.
Mon--Fri 8 AM--7 PM
Sat: 8 AM---5 PM
Sun: 1 PM--5 PM

Find other counties' early-voting location/hours --