Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This is Tiktaalik! He's King of the World!

Are you familiar with Tiktallik? He not only happens to be a transitional fossil between ancient sarcopterygian fish and amphibians, but he also happens to be a secret love of mine!

Now now, hear me out. Forever I have loved alligators. Seriously, if you want the proof, ask my sister. She always gets excited and calls me when she sees a funny alligator thingy at the store (if we weren't students, I'm sure she'd buy me said alligator thingy. Instead, due to assumed lack of student funds, we resort to phone calls as presents. We're just that cool.) So when I found that alligators once had a much cuter relative, one who didn't like to eat human legs for breakfast, I just got so excited!

Anyway anyway anyway, when I was in Chicago, I got to see the Tiktaalik fossil right up close! He was so cute, with that surreptitious little grin, those floppy little fins and that tail! Oh that tail! It's just so adorable.

So today I found that University of Chicago has an entire website devoted to Tiktaalik. You should check him out! Hopefully you'll also fall in love with this friendly little creature that once walked-slash-swam the Earth 375 million years ago. Oh, and if this doesn't interest you at all, just know he proves Evolution. Cheers to Tiktaalik!

(Image from Friendly Atheist)