Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gay Bodybuilder Eats Trick.

Jiminy Crickets! Who eats a guy from the bar?

Anthony Morley, 36, a former Mr. Gay UK, is on trial in Leeds for the murder of Damian Oldfield, 33, whose thigh he allegedly cooked and ate afterwards.

Morley, a former chef, is said to have taken Oldfield home, had sex with him, and then cut his throat and stabbed him to death on April 23. Prosecuting attorney Andrew Stubbs, who characterized Morley as "troubled" by his sexuality, said, "Having killed him upstairs, the defendant carved away a piece of flesh, took it downstairs to his kitchen, where he seasoned it, fried it, and tried to eat it."

He's supposedly a bodybuilder...and he's frying the guy's thigh? Come on! I'd at least expect him to grill it. Or, at worst, broil the sucker. Gotta save on the calories!