Saturday, October 4, 2008

Where The Lonely Hearts Go!

Are you finally ready to settle down? Tired of flying solo? Looking to find a ring on that finger? Well, Yahoo has put out a study on cities with the singles, citing San Francisco to be the most single city in America, with 44.7% of the population unwed. If that's a bit too west for you, check out Detroit, which came in second with 44%. After that comes New York, Boston and New Orleans. If you're looking for the place to find a catch, well it looks like the big city is the best place to start fishing!

Also part of the study includes the gender gap in cities, siting El Paso, Memphis, New York and Baltimore as some of the best cities for single men, since on average these cities have 20% more women than men!

Minneapolis, as usual, found its way onto this list, but in a different way: it's the second most gender-balanced city in America. It's basically 49/51 for men and women.