Thursday, October 16, 2008

Teacher's Love The Gays!

Half the country might not think we're humans, but at least teachers love us--and love us a lot they do! They just donated $1 Million to oppose Proposition 8, the measure that would eliminate the current right for homosexuals to marry in California.

For just a day, I would love to have the ability to take a right from the haters. Nothing big. I'm not cruel like that. But, let's say something like right-hand turns. Small and insignificant. Not a human rights issue, such as the right to a family, happiness or liberty, but something ordinary and easily forgotten. I wonder how these millions and millions of people would function without something that is so ingrained into their routine they don't even recognize it's there? Just imagine an entire day where you cannot turn right, at all--not on a bike, not in a car and not even when walking. Everywhere you went, you could only go left. Wouldn't that be problematic? I'd love to see Grand Central in NYC or Michigan Avenue in Chicago. It would be utter chaos.

And that's just one day. Now, imagine what it's like to spend your whole life knowing that you will never be considered 'equal'. Every person you ever meet will judge you. You'll always be looked down upon from your co-workers, family, even your friends. You'll change your voice at work so you don't seem 'different'. People will always make excuses for you because of your sexuality. "He dresses well because he's gay" or "he smells good because he's gay" or "he's flamboyant because he's gay". You'll never be considered just you; instead, you'll always be someone's "gay friend", almost as if you were an accessory. And religious nuts will tell you, almost on a daily basis, that God hates you and will send you to burn forever in hell.

And then imagine having your entire country tell you that you cannot fight for them in the armed forces. Then try to live knowing you can never give blood to help those in need. You cannot adopt the millions of children who do not have a home. You can't even ask the person you love, "will you marry me?"

Voting 'yes' on Proposition 8 only says, "yes, this is ok". It's not a religious issue or a moral issue--it's an issue over decency. Can we not agree that loving couples should be able to own property together, to share health care services and to hold each other's hands as they lay dying? I would never vote to take that right from anyone in this country. Why would you vote for it to be taken away from me?