Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why Google Owns Teh World.

Google is amazing. If I could, I'd start a Google church. Every Sunday we would sing songs to Google's glory, hand over 10% of our earnings so others can hear the good news and then learn we'd new wonders about what Google can do for us.

Ok, maybe that's a bad idea. But Google does have plenty of good ideas, including the "define" option! Did you know about this? If you're ever confused about the correct use of a word (affect/effect) or its actual definition (anfracturous/perennial), just load up Google and type "define:affect". Suddenly, the definition of the word will come up, and in many cases a sentence using the word will accompany it. It's amazing!

To make it just over the top, it even does it for Spanish. Just type "define:cumpleanos" and you'll see! (Quotation marks not necessary in either language).

Let's just go ahead and crown Google King of Teh World.