Thursday, October 16, 2008

Minneapolis Infultrated...By Octupi?

Well, this is a strange one.
William Hessian, a Minneapolis artist, is challenging his favorite city in the world to find his artwork! The announcement to bring his art hunt to Minneapolis came only two weeks after completing six art hunts across the United States; a series of events which were part of his summer-long "Art as Treasure" tour. Successful community art hunts were completed in Salt Lake City, Utah; Costa Mesa, Calif.; and Portland, Ore., to name a few.

On Friday, Oct. 17, the challenge for Minnesotans will be to find one of 35 miniature artworks, hidden in plain sight, in the public parks in Minneapolis. Each artwork is an original hand-drawn and -painted Octopus by William Hessian. See more pictures of the art and watch an informative video at
Another reason to love Minneapolis!

(Via Pharyngula)