Thursday, October 9, 2008

Review: Religulous.

So, like any good Atheist, I made a point to see Religulous. Overall, it was great. There were many times my friend and I could not stop laughing. There was nothing Earth-shattering, but he raised the questions I've asked for years now, and the answers simply cannot be found.
  • Did Jonah really live in a 'big fish'? How is that even possible?
  • Did Adam and Eve really get deceived by a talking snake? Does that story even make sense?
  • Isn't it strange that the story of Jesus is found through many different time periods? (Horus, Vishnu, Mithra, etc.)
And so on and so forth. But there are so many deeper questions beyond just the obvious ones. (Really, if you literally believe that a 900-year old man boarded two of each of the million or so animals in this world onto a single boat and lived on it peacefully for 9 months while the entire Earth was flooded...well, I really can't reason with you. You don't believe in reality. You don't believe in reason. You don't believe in logic. How can I reason with the unreasonable?)

The movie circumvented the deeper questions in order to be comical, which it was. The audience was laughing for most of the movie. But, I just got the sense that the movie was dumbed down for American audiences. I wouldn't ever call it a documentary, since little research was put into it. Sure, they quoted our founding fathers who were profound haters of state and religion mixing. Yes, they of course did research about the other stories of Christ that have been around for centuries before they claim he existed. But, this movie is just a bunch of silly interviews with morons, and the purpose of it is to make religion look dumb. (Which it already does on it own, though fools still flock to it.)

I wanted more. More substance, more facts, more knock-it-out-can't-deny-it-science. I wanted an actual documentary, not a comedy. And, although funny, I don't really feel like I learned anything. All I got out of it was more dismay about this country's leadership and this country's populace. When 61% of Americans literally believe that Polar Bears, Penguins, Kuala Bears, Sheep, Aligators, Flamingoes, Anteaters, Bison, Walruses and Goats all lived on a boat for 9 months (without a shred of proof), I'm already pretty darn terrified for where this country is headed. Throw in a movie like this, and my bags begin to look like they need a permanent vacation.