Thursday, October 16, 2008


I think Nick over at FiveThirtyEight is brilliant...but really? Is this true?

This is an aggregate of all recent polls and essentially a "if the election were today" sort of thing. That win percentage is giving John McCain's possibility of winning less than 5%...really? Barack Hussein Obama is going to win over America so strong that there is a 95% chance he'll be our President? I mean, you all know me--I love the guy. His platform is incredible. He's a supporter of urban development, creating new jobs and jump-starting our economy. He wants to end the war in Iraq and finally give some rights to the gays. I'm voting for him with full confidence. But I still don't think the race is that set in stone. 5% chance of losing? Nick is the world-famous statistician, but those numbers are just not easy to swallow until November 4th.