Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Correction on Fossils.

Forgive my poor journalism, but I made a mistake, and I've been asked by the CCO of The Creation Museum to make a post about this mistake. In my scathing review of The Creation Museum, I made a claim that there were no fossils in the museum. My recent experience at the world famous Field Museum in Chicago must have broadened my expectations, since these were some of the fossils on display there:

(That's Sue, the world's largest known T-Rex)

So after viewing literally hundreds of these enormous fossils at The Field Museum, I must have missed the one fossil The Creation Museum has of a perch.

Now, I'm so glad that Mark sent me this photo, because if you click on it and read the text, you'll notice it says the following.
The area shows evidence of several large lakes that formed after Noah's Flood.
This was precisely my largest argument about The Creation Museum, and Mark was kind enough to send me a photo of it. In my post, I wrote,
"I lost count of how many times I read claims such as, "The evidence suggests...", yet none of the supporting evidence was shown. For example, a claim was that, "The Evidence suggests Lake Hopi was formed after The Great Flood". Yet, after searching the whole museum, there wasn't an inch of this so-called evidence, not even a reference!"
And so here, yet again, is the same reference to "evidence" without any actual proof of this evidence! Call me a purist, but when someone makes a claim resting on evidence, I'd like to know what the evidence is. Yes, I know that means I have to actually "read" and "think for myself", but that's something as an Atheist I've just grown accustomed to.

Now, for objective comparison, Mark also sent me a photo of their dinosaur fossil (Singular. That's not plural). After The Field Museum photos, I'll let you decide.

Creation Museum:

Field Museum:

So readers, forgive me. The Creation Museum does have fossils. They're small, insignificant, and can only be found when the director takes photos and sends them to you.