Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Population is UP!

Ah, Minneapolis, always impressing me. A recent projection for America's smallest big city puts a downtown population at 34,140. Not too shabby, considering Columbus' downtown population is around 2,000.

Something else to consider is the relatively small size of Minneapolis: 58.4 square miles. That is incredibly tiny, considering Columbus is 212.6, New York is 468.9, Houston is 601.7 and New Orleans is 350.2 square miles.

Although the Twin Cities Metropolitan is home to over 3 million people, only about 380,000 people live within Minneapolis' small city limits. It's just interesting to note that almost 10% of those people live within the booming downtown area, while only about .0027% of Columbus' population live downtown. (2,000/740,000). However, with Minnesota's harsh winters, and Minneapolis' fine sky-way system, it's no surprise so many people take to living downtown. They can pretty much go for weeks without ever having to step foot outside.